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In word; modest.  In deed; generous.  In conviction;  Resolute

Our mission is twofold:  One, give civilians the knowledge they need to protect themselves.  Two, tangibly support those who sacrifice daily for our welfare.  In the first we want to bring excellent options to the gun community and in the second we want to augment the efforts of those who are working hard every day.  We want to be modest in or words but still have to spread our message.  Look below to gain more information.  PS this page looks way better on a desktop.

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Basic classes

Start something amazing

We all start somewhere.  Many of us have a grasp of what we want to do and how to protect our loved ones, some of us don't.  The longer we are involved in learning the art of self defense the more aware we are of how much there is to know.   We all start somewhere: our intoductory pistol and rifle programs are built for you to succeed

Build and hone

Intermediate and upper level classes

If you've got your basics we can take you further.  Skill building and drill based classes can help you become more proficient.

Many of us have trained to a high level. Almost all of us struggle to maintain those skills.  We can help you with programs for individual maintenance.


Shoot House

Training that will test your upper limits

Our shoot house allows us to train in a simulated fire environment.  Through the practical application of theory, force on paper and force on force drills, students will become more capable protectors than ever before.

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Request more info

If you are interested in more information regarding the use of our facility please contact us with the form below or on our main page.

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